Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 1 'Diet': Cottage Cheese = BARF!

Sunday night before the official 'diet' was about to begin, I made sure I had the foods I needed to actually put everything into motion. Needless to say, nothing seemed to have that 'Yummy, OMG with every bite, Mmmmmmm' look to it.  It had more along the lines of the 'Eeeesh, Booooring, Plain and Ewww' look. Nothing worthy of actually opening my fridge for (which was probably a good thing because it would eliminate my 'snacking because I'm bored' habits). I also cleaned out my cupboards so I wouldn't be faced with temptation.

This time, I was doing it and I was going to do it, the RIGHT WAY (although my way seemed much better and tastier!).

My First Grocery List looked something like this:

I went for a lot the blue menu products. I simply liked the fact it had the healthy label on it - I felt healthy just buying it!!! Also, I bought the Protein Powder at Florida Fitness Aylmer :)

And so there I was on a Sunday night, in front of the mirror, thinking to myself...

"Bye Bye Oversized Baby Fu....Hello Fit Fu!" 
Don't we all give ourselves a little pep talk from time to time?! 
(Rhetorical question....definitely no need to answer that) ;)

It was a bitter sweet feeling. I was about to break up with my favorite foods but yet begin something with a whole new, healthier, set of them (it's not sad that I'm comparing foods to a relationship...right?! - again, no need to answer that). In all honesty, my entire life was based around foods. Almost all of my childhood memories, in some way, have delicious treats and feasts associated to them . I have a Mom who cooks everything to perfection, let alone from scratch (cakes, cookies, fudge, truffles, candy apples, fruit roll-ups...everything!) and my Dad, THE MASTA, who has a specialty in Chinese Cuisine. So, it's to no surprise I found a huge appreciation for all things involving food.

How could anyone resist my Mom's Chocolate Caramel Tort? (it most certainly wasn't me)

25 years of pure gluttony later...I would find myself near obesity (BIG wake up call).

**My Mom, The Masta and Mr. FUntastic all exercised - I did not. Believe me when I say it was always encouraged that I do, especially by The Masta. I didn't listen, obviously.**

A little more history...

For 7 years, I ate, and ate, and ate, AND ATE and did absolutely NOTHING to work it off. Of course, I noticed a difference in my appearance - my jeans felt snugger and my tops were getting tighter....

I layered my clothes to hide my growing belly and wore loose fitting clothes to hide my overall weight gain. 

You would think if I went through this much trouble to hide it all, I would eventually do something about it. In addition to that, if I were too lazy to exercise it off at least be healthy in my eating habits. Wrong! I just kept on layering and stuffing my face....

I eventually went from a size 5 to a size 9! (I really didn't like the way I looked (not going to deny that.))

Moving on....

And so there I was, in front of the mirror, giving myself a pep talk. I had been exercising regularly and felt amazing about it, but now I wanted to see results, FAST! What I learned was if I wanted to shed the pounds quicker, not only would I have to exercise, but I would have to start eating right and cut down my portion sizes (this should have been of no surprise...but one could only hope). I couldn't just eat whatever I wanted because I wanted to (although that would be amazing!), I had to make healthy choices and be conscious of my decisions. I actually had to put thought into my eating habits and tell myself...

"No Baby Fu, put the CaNdY down" (This was really hard!)

I sat down and looked over the detailed 'Diet' SuperFit gave me for fast-tracking my weight loss (not his typical weight loss diet but I was ready to be challenged).

After 7 years of doing nothing, I wanted and needed to do this, FOR ME!

The difference between my 'Diet' and SuperFit's 'Diet' was...well, EVERYTHING! 

SuperFit guided me through what I would be doing for the coming weeks, adjusting it as we went along to tailor it to my own needs and overall objectives. I would actually have something to follow, rather than my own creation, which would prove not to be the right way of shedding my unwanted weight (ah well, at least I tried!). Luckily, I was able to make a few tweaks and surprisingly, they were acceptable...PHEW!

*SuperFit tailors diets to his client's specific needs and objectives*

My new 'Diet' would incorporate the following:

1. A mixture of Proteins, Dairy, Veggies and Carbs;
2. Alternating my carb intake throughout the week;
3. Eating every three hours (again, this required a lot of adjusting because I was used to eating 1 large meal a day along with snacking throughout it);
4. Eating Clean (bye bye delicious and fattening sauces and most importantly, SAYONARA *CaNdY* (at least for a little while!)

So I packed my lunch and was ready for my first day. Pretty easy, I must admit. A salad with sliced chicken and cottage cheese for my morning snack...FUn ;)  I went to bed, proud that I actually prepared a snack and made my lunch!

I patted myself on the back for a job well done! (Not really...c'mon lol)

When I got to work, I actually had reason to go to the kitchen and make use of the fridge.

Of course, the first thing I would see in it would be Peanut Butter! (You've got to be kidding!) 

Pretending like I didn't see anything, I put my lunch in the fridge....only to return to it soon after for my first ever morning snack. Cottage Cheese, something I had never tried. I can't say it looked appealing to me either - curdled cheese swimming in white liquid...Ewww.

 Anyway, this was my first taste and I would potentially like it....or not.

And, it would turn out to be a big NOT. I sucked it up and ate the whole thing, wanting to vomit with every bite (this definitely was not PURE BLISS with every bite). I would later find an alternative to this...YAY!!!

           Greek Yogurt = 20 grams of Protein per serving.

I would add a spoonful of strawberry yogurt for taste. The texture was creamy and it was simply delicious. My chicken salad was great...obviously it was no caesar salad but still good and something I could see myself eating regularly.

When it came to dinner,  I had to put on my new Chef Hat (not literally). I made grilled salmon with steamed veggies. This was my first attempt at cooking salmon, it was surprisingly good....a little burnt but still eatable (Chef Ramsay would probably say otherwise.....but I wasn't thinking of competing on Hell's Kitchen). It also took me about 2 months before I could cook eatable rice (no lie). You'd think after watching The Masta cook rice all my life, I would have clued in at some point.

I would continue on with this 'Diet' for a few weeks and found that:

1. It proved to be really difficult at times because I had to frequently refuse candy offers and had to fight (and I still do) the temptation to cheat (especially when *CaNdY* and Cupcakes were involved);
2. I had to put in a lot of effort into making my lunches and preparing for dinner (for someone who never made a lunch and only cooked a meal a handful of times) *Making my lunch while I prepared dinner made the chore much easier for me*
3. I had to put up with people trying to persuade me into cheating (which for anyone who is dieting, can make you quite irritable after a while.....really, really, irritable).

Just an example of my most recent temptation....

This is really, really, really DIFFICULT to resist!!! (The box will be hidden by SuperFit, as per my request)

**Note: this is an accummulation from this past holiday season (15lbs of it from this past weekend). I did, without a doubt, help myself to this Sugar Wonderland before 2011 came knocking at my door (but not the delicious assortment given to us this weekend :( That was tough!**

Despite the challenges....

I completed Day 1!!! I was really happy. It felt great knowing everything I ate was healthy and, admittedly so, pretty tasty (minus the cottage cheese! YUK). 

After 7 days, I felt EMPOWERED.

I would continue giving myself constant reminders that I needed to do this for my healthier self. And, like SuperFit would say.....

"If you cheat on your diet, it's not the end of the world. BUT, if you want to attain your fitness goals, you have to remember that if you cheat, you're only Cheating Yourself " (I told myself this many-a-times)

With all that being said, my refusing the chocolates, the cookies, the creamy sauces, the Starbucks lattes, the fat and the sugar (among everything else you wish you could have)....

I only felt stronger in my mission to be Healthier....
My mission to become a Fit Baby Fu.

**My next blog post will talk about my new 'weight training' circuit (and how unsurprisingly weak I was) as well as my most difficult experience with the 'Diet'. An experience that would make me feel like giving up (until I got reacquainted with my skinny jeans)!**

And of course, during this time, SuperFit and I still going nice and strong - no pun intended ;)

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