Thursday, January 6, 2011

Suck It Up Baby Fu! My first 1/2 hour workout :)

After my eye opening meeting with SuperFit, reality really sunk in. I actually needed to make an effort if I wanted to pursue a healthier me. Of course, the first thing I thought about was the time it would take to achieve this goal and all the sacrifices (food sacrifices to be more specific) I would need to make.

Here were some of my thoughts:

1. I don't have time to work out (I actually had a lot of time but the thought of bringing myself to a gym was far too demanding and exhausting).
2. I don't even know how to eat on schedule (I seldom ate breakfast, often skipped on lunch and ate monstrous amounts after work).
3. I would have to get rid of 90% of what I had in my fridge/freezer and cupboards (ice cream, bags of *CaNdY*, cheese fondue, my lucky charms and corn pop cereal, cookies, instant noodles, cream sauces, frozen pizza, corn chips - the list goes on and on).
4. Eating clean?! (Get real....I don't even know what that means but it sure doesn't sound delicious!)
5. I have an exercise ball that was given to me as a gift in 2004 and two unopened aerobic videos I bought in 2005.
6. Baby Fu....Suck it up.

I have to say what motivated me were a few key words from my meeting with SuperFit:

"Baby Fu, we are going to rediscover your physical side" (Rediscover my physical side??!! That's FUnny. Wait... you really  think so?!)

It took me a month and a half to suck it up.

Before long, I found myself in my Mom's Lululemon pants and my Lululemon sweater, which was given to me as a gift. Come to think of it now, I probably should have clued in to all of these 'athletic' gifts. That being said, I still hadn't bought anything athletic EXCEPT....for my new RUNNING SHOES! I didn't know which one's to buy so SuperFit came to the rescue ;) - Thank Heavens for that because I only liked the fashion pumps. I finally settled on a pair of Nike's, which I still wear today :)

**In the interim of my reality check and sucking it up, SuperFit and I seemed to have hit it off, romantically :) It would almost be comparible to a comic book story about a girl being swept off her feet by a Super Hero. SuperFit and well, me...Baby Fu -  The *CaNdY* lovin' and exercise free FU. A story about a girl drowning in high fats and sugary treats only to be 'saved' by SuperFit (korny, I know)- A man who's helped thousands of people achieve their fitness dreams! Not to mention training Bikini, Fitness and Figure Champions Citywide, Provincially, Nationally and at the Universal level (2nd place overall Miss Bikini Universe). These women are true inspirations and will be blogged about frequently**

In my awesome 'new' gym attire, I started off my first morning with a Protein Shake:

1 scoop (30 grams) of Chocolate Whey Protein Powder
12 ounces of water
3 ice cubes

AND, a slice of 12 grain toast. Ugh...lame. If I'm going to have breakfast, I would prefer having 2 slices of toast with Peanut Butter (an addiction of mine), homefries and 2 eggs, overeasy...

Is that too much to ask for?! Yes...yes it is. 

 * Note, I won't be giving out that recipe ;)*

Now comes the trip to the gym. So many things were going through my mind:

1. I really don't want to go but know I have to...for me.
2. It will be soooooo obvious that I'm a rookie.
3. I don't even know how to work any machine or even how to lift a weight.
4. I'm hungry.

As I got closer and closer to the gym, I became more and more anxious. I'm actually doing this.

I took a few deep breaths...Suck it up Fu.

And there I was, Baby Fu in her fluorescent yellow hoodie (again, I failed at camouflaging myself) making her first baby steps to the front counter. Although I must say that all my nervousness disappeared as soon as I got there. SuperFit and the amazing staff at Florida Fitness Aylmer welcomed me and soon got me on the Elliptical Machine (a cardio machine that would become my new best friend).

**I should say it took me a good 20 minutes before I got started because I was shy to actually exercise in front of people**

I did 30 minutes. That was enough for my first day. But.....

I actually had sweat dripping down my face!

My first workout at the gym may have been short, but it was enough to make me feel good about what I had just done. I started my day with a healthy breakfast and a quick trip to the gym. It was a rewarding that I wanted to continue having. Even if I didn't sleep in or have my Peanut Butter. I felt welcomed and comfortable at the gym. Everyone was friendly and I didn't feel dumb for not knowing anything about the equipment. I got the tour, which is given to all new members, and help in setting me up on the cardio machine. Do you think I knew what buttons to push?!

Soon enough, I'd be pushing a lot of buttons and extending my time on the machine to an hour....3 times a week. Most days I went in, SuperFit would be teaching a Spin class (group cycling), something I vocally said I would NEVER do!!! I would later surprise myself....

**I should note that some days were dreadful. Getting dressed for the gym and actually making my way there was a HUGE effort. But, I knew that if this is what I wanted...I couldn't let myself down**

Three hours a week later....

The 'DIET' phase came into play!

It wasn't an easy switch to turn on, but it was one I would never switch off.

**My next few blog posts will outline the first 6 months of my training and dieting and how I continued to motivate myself to get to where I am today, in my new lifestyle. I will start posting some diet recipes I use daily, with pictures and everything!** 

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  1. Love to hear how the seeds get sown! And it IS pretty cool that you met SuperFit this way, too. Thanks for sharing the journey with us!


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