Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some FUn Recipes :)

As promised, here are a few things I like to include in my 'diet':

Spinach and Basil Egg White Omelette:


6 Egg Whites

Spinach leaves

Basil leaves or Basil purée (in the herbs section of the grocery store)

Chili Flakes (if desired)

Salt and pepper to taste

How to:

- Over medium heat, in a fry pan, pour in the egg whites

- Add spinach leaves and basil

- Add chili flakes (if you like it HOT)

- With a spatula, fold the omelette into a half moon (I'm not the best when it comes to this step - in the picture below, the omelette actually broke...I just 'glued' them together for picture sake).

- Cook both sides

- Salt and pepper to taste.


Protein FUflé (Of course I have to use FU):

I like to add yogurt as a topping or on the side for dipping!


1 Scoop of Protein Powder (flavor of your choice)

1 Egg White

Dash of Cinnamon

Water (if mixture is not moist enough)
How to:
- Mix everything together until moist (in a plastic container or bowl)

- Microwave on high for 1minute and 40seconds

- The FUflé will Fluff Up, then Fluff Down


Protein Pancakes (FUcakes lol):

Making my Breaky before heading to Work.

Yummy! :)


6 Egg Whites

3/4 cup of dry Oatmeal

1 tbsp of Cinnamon

How to:

- Blend all together

- Spray fry pan with Pam or Blue Menu Spray Butter

- Over medium heat, pour mixture into fry pan (make your pancake as little or as big as you want)

- Flip pancakes to cook both sides

**When I can, I love to include half a banana to the mixture. When I'm able to cheat....2 tablespoons (if not more) of Peanut Butter as a topping (unnatural type...yup, I love the unnatural!)**

And of course, Enjoy :)

I'll post more recipes in future blogs...

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