Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reality Strikes....Again!

After being pushed to make an appointment to talk about my "new" regime, I knew this was the first step. A shy baby step to what would eventually turn out to be a bigger than life step I could have ever imagined (there were no injuries in the taking of this large step of mine even if I hadn't stretched my legs in years).

A step is a step and you have to start somewhere.

Of course, me being me, I walked into Florida Fitness Aylmer with my 'designer' coat, scarf, shorts, nylons, hat and knee high boots (no heels---I try and avoid awkward walking for my own sake). Perfect outfit for a gym right?! 

Sadly and as a matter of fact, I didn't own gym pants or even running shoes. (I was serious when I said I did absolutely no physical training for 7 years!) 

That being said, I think my attempt not to be seen failed on a large scale. I probably should have worn something more my leggings and a ball cap (with knee high boots?). I should stop there with my non-athletic wardrobe - it's just not FUnny. Either way, I owned nothing to even pretend like I knew anything about being in shape. So I went in as myself: the non-athletic, unhealthy eating, bigger than usual Baby Fu :)


No *CaNdY* For You Fu:

Now, this is where the FUn begins. I met with with owner/trainer of the gym. Let's call him SuperFit (you should see the muscles on this guy!!!!).

**Before I begin with the "meeting" process, I should mention that I already knew the owner/trainer and he was instrumental in getting me to actually schedule an appointment. It all happened at a dinner party after we discussed my lack of anything healthy to be found in my home. More specifically, PROTEIN. I had to go, Mr. FUntastic told me I was the biggest he's ever seen and I desperately needed to get my ass into gear**

Continuing on.....

At this point, you can just imagine how nervous I was because he already knew, to a certain extent, what I was alll about - physically. We talked about my goals, my daily routine (I had none aside from my work schedule), how I felt about my body and what I eventually wanted my body to look like. Most women want to look toned and still remain womanly right?! So, that's exactly what I said. **I have to point out that the whole meeting was very relaxed and he made me feel very comfortable, so it was easy to discuss all aspects of my fitness goals**
Now this is when reality struck, for the second time. SuperFit said "First things first, we need to measure you're body fat (BF)". Kill me now.

**Again, before I begin with this lovely process, let me share with you a "Dumb Baby Fu Moment". There was an unopened ironing board leaning up against the wall. He said I needed to lay on it to get measured. Of course, being gullible and unknowledgeable about how you get measured, I said okay. He laughed....I caught on.** 

First, I got on the scale, my total weight was....139lbs. 11 lbs more than I was 8 months prior!!!! Good start (sense the sarcasm?).

Then the calipers (oh joy!).  As the calipers came out, so did my skin (fat). He measured my leg, triceps and abdominal area. It took a few tries to actually get my measurements as I kept backing away from the calipers every time they came near me. After a good 10 minutes of what should have taken 3, the results were in. I was 25.6% body fat (average)....7.4% away from what the BF scale would call obese. Great!

Can I have a piece of *CaNdY* now for being a good sport?! No.

He pointed out that at the rate I was going - not exercising and eating right - it wouldn't have taken long before I hit the next level on the BF chart...

Something needed to be done. Fast!

*The ironing board was a gift. He doesn't iron his clothes, he just pumps it*

to be continued....


  1. Ah.... is this the budding of your romance? How sweet!!!

  2. Your story is so inspirational!!

    I would like to become the best person I can be: Healthy, active, and treat my body with the respect it deserves.
    After the same routine for the last 3 years (a good breakfast, a good lunch, workout with weights and some cardio, go home and snack on food while making dinner, eat a ok dinner, after dinner continue snacking for the rest of the night, and then sleep) rinse and repeat for the rest of the week till the weekend, where it becomes none stop eating till Monday again.
    I would like to ask your advice, I do not know any personal trainers, or and dietitians. But I want to change the way I look, and start eating better to treat my body better. If you did not know a trainer (like in my case) how would you have found one? what would you look for in one? how do you know if they are really the right one to help you archive your goal? would you recommend just seeing someone about a weight training program or see someone based completely on diet? or both? What did you find made the most impact on your success - working on diet first, then starting up a workout regime? or something else?
    I look forward to your response!


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