Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pumpin' Iron like a FU!

My first day 'Pumpin' Iron' was definitely one to remember. Why? Because I never realized how weak I was until I was introduced to dumbells and muscle building machines. It's surprising I was even able to lift my purse!

I went to the gym ready to make friends with what would help me turn into 'THE HULK' (minus the green skin tone and topless attire, oh and the anger management issues)Needless to say....

I was ready to become a lean, mean, muscle building MACHINE!

Well, not so fast. I needed to learn the basics of my new training 'circuit'. This would involve training each muscle group once or twice a week, such as:

1. Head; and
2. Shoulders;
3. Knees; and
4. Toes
( knees and toes, knees and toes)

Seriously, it would include the following:

1. Legs
2. Chest
3. Shoulders
4. Arms (biceps, triceps)
5. Abs (ABS?...I have those?! Well, they've been hiding for 25 years)

I went to Florida Fitness Aylmer and met with SuperFit who guided me through the basics of each machine. He showed me what I would be doing and how I would be doing it (easy enough I thought). Not quite! I quickly learned I hated a few machines right off the bat because they proved 'impossible' for me to even lift/push.

#07....ohhhhhh #07, the Shoulder Press Machine:

#07 ...You showed me who's Boss!

We didn't get off to a good start because...

I had troubles lifting 15lbs!!! (That's almost as much as my Mom's toy poodle!)

In any case, it needed to be done and I needed to start with the basics if I want to get stronger (for some reason I didn't react to spinach like Popeye did - so much for that idea!).

I must say, there was a lot of giggling during the first little of while of weight lifting (this is what happens when I'm shy). I was laughing at myself mainly because I never imagined doing weights and being so incredibly weak!!! In all honesty, it still makes me laugh at times because I never thought I'd be training this hard.

Continuing on...

I was now an expert on the elliptical machine (well, not really) = and it was time to add some strength training into the mix (I was going to be THE HULK and that was final)!

This new experience made me feel like the first time I entered the gym - not knowing where to start or how to use anything in site. It's a good thing SuperFit runs through the equipment with his members (I probably would have injured myself within the first 5 minutes).

Debbie L. (007), who has won multiple titles in Figure Competitions (such as her latest provincial title of Quebec Masters Figure Overall Winner), introduced me to Training Gloves!

My poor, delicate, untrained hands were beginning to blister! (Yes, I'm a bit of a Princess!)

She also helped me along the way in my 'circuit' training (she actually helps a lot of members at Florida Fitness Aylmer - she's a true inspiration!). And trust me, I would definitely take advice from her....

Just look at this MACHINE:

007 winning her title! (2010)

As time went on, 007 always commented on how strong she believed I was...

"Baby Fu, you're going to be strong, I know it!" (HA HA HA, I thought. Right...sure I will!)

After having done my circuit for a few months (and absolutely loving it... I could see my biceps growing!), I wanted to play with the BIG KIDS. I wanted to graduate from my 'circuit' training and start breaking my major muscles groups apart, focusing on building each area one day at a time (over the span of 3-4 days, while still maintaining my cardio).

I 'graduated' in 4 months :)

Baby Fu and 007 (also notice Popeye in the background)

SuperFit and 007 never ceased to encourage and support me through my HULK building days. They always pushed me to train harder and to push with all my Baby Fu Might. And I did. I would later shock myself by lifting 90lbs on the despised Shoulder Press AKA #07 !!!

007 wasn't surprised and I could see SuperFit's smile when he trained me later on (he was proud, I could tell).

**Note: Lifting 90lbs on #07 didn't happen over night. This came with continuous weight lifting**

During the beginning of my weight training, 007 often commented on how she believed I had what it took to compete in a fitness show. For months I laughed at this idea and said...

"NEVER will I do a competition!" (not because I didn't appreciate the sport but simply because I never, in a lifetime, would have imagined myself doing something like that!)

She obviously proved me wrong (again) as my passion for the sport grew with time...

Go Figure! (no pun intended)

I felt absolutely amazing about myself and I could see my body was changing. I was becoming toned and my little 'HULK' muscles were popping out! So, it was now time to get reacquainted with the skinfold calipers to see how I was doing, on paper.

My results were as follows:

I started with 25.6% BF - No muscle
5 months later I was 18% BF with 8lbs of Pure Baby Fu Muscle!!!

I was blown away! 8 POUNDS OF MUSCLE!!! Holy S%*T!

 I was 'THE HULK'! (let my imagination flow lol)

Baby Fu as The Hulk....Scary eh?!

My results proved that all my hard work and dedication was paying off!

I was LOVING my new look and all my progress!!!

No one could stop me now! :)

**My next blog post will be about my first attempt at spinning and how it would lead me into getting my first full blown road bike!!! As exciting as this all was, my first couple of times on the road (okay..multiple times), proved to be quite 'bruising'. I have pics to prove it! I should have worn a big caution sign "Watch the FU out!"** 

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  1. Okay, I just have to say your site (and this post in particular) have motivated me to get my butt to the gym and really start getting serious about building muscle. I've lost 40 lbs of fat but I still dont feel strength in my body and that's what I want! Thank you so much for inspiring me and I'll definitely be back.


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