Friday, January 7, 2011

DIETING?! Where's the FUn in that?

And so it begins: The 'Diet'.

A word you never want to hear because it means you have to rid yourself of most things you LOVE to eat. And by most, I mean pretty much everything that is creamy, fatty, sugary and just simply delicious. Again, anything that would bring pure bliss with every single bite (just writing this is making me drool over a yummy chocolate velvet cupcake with buttercream icing!). I should stop there.

After having exercised for about a month on the elliptical 3x a week (I actually got out of bed or off the couch...Big Surprise for many, including myself!), it was time to really put my body into shock....more specifically my hungry belly. Trust me, she's a hungry one. If I wanted to see real results, I needed to change my eating habits, drastically.  Over my month of exercising (it was a looooooong month and yet still rewarding!), I tried to include Protein in my day to day eating. I was told it would promote muscle growth and it would keep them nice and strong (I may have had 0.5lbs of muscle in me, so I wasn't about to let that go to waste). And so, I took it upon myself to try and eat regularly - not yet following any kind of 'diet' but at least trying to eat my scheduled meals.

I started with the following:

A large Yogurt Parfait with a Vanilla Latté from Starbucks

An Avocado Sandwich (or, I went to a Japanese restaurant that served large amounts of food with an assortment of sauces - Yummers!)

Some form of meat or fish with pasta or rice (I often helped myself to a second serving of rice/pasta)

And of course:
- A cookie(s)

Oh, and let's not forget my favorite....SNACKS! (I did try to minimize my intake):
-Chewy *CaNdY*, chocolates and popcorn.
Not all at once....give me some credit ;)

**I should state that I never made myself breakfast or lunch during the work week. I also seldom cooked dinner...and if I did, it was pasta or noodles. I often went to my Mom's for supper - Yes, my Mom - She is an AMAZING cook and bakes the most delicious of treats. I will also mention my Dad - The MASTA - who cooks up a FANTASTIC CHINESE FEAST...(as you can see, my life has always and continues to be,  filled with flavourful goodness in every meal**

Needless to say, I would soon learn that my menu selection wasn't a good one, but....

I still got an A+ for effort!....Right?! (Damnit, I was getting used to my lattés!)

And so, this brought me to The Famous Florida Fitness Aylmer 'Diet'. I tried to avoid this (trust me, I did) because it seemed impossible for me to even apply it into my daily life. I remember being introduced to it in my meeting with SuperFit and saying "There's NO WAY in hell I could ever follow a diet like that!" But, I needed to do something...I needed to 'Diet'...for real. Believe me, this wasn't something I welcomed with great enthusiasm.

There was a lot of:

"Ugh! Really?! Are you sure I can't have that? Why? Do I have to start NOW?! No Candy?! This Sucks! Did I say this sucks?!"

In all honesty, it's not bad at all, it's just the fact that I never paid attention to what I was putting into my body and I wasn't exactly interested in breaking up with my favorite foods, we had been together for so long (I would later learn I could still enjoy these foods, in moderation - IF I continued exercising). I thought this was an interesting concept:

Rewarding myself AND finding guilt-free pleasure in the treats I love :)

And moving on...

I had to do this. But, where to start? How would I know what to buy and when to eat it? Good thing SuperFit and other Florida Fitness Aylmer members provided me with a list of options, who knows what I would have come out with (Peanut Butter? Probably - and I'm not talking about the All Natural Type)!

Putting this 'Diet' into motion would involve the following:

1. I would actually have to go to the grocery store and buy myself real food. Foods I would use to make actual meals with!
2. I would be eating 5x a day - 3 meals and 2 snacks!!! (5x a day?! I'm already having troubles eating 3x a day!)
3. I would need to start cooking (this should be interesting).

Again, I had to tell myself - Suck it up Baby Fu.

And I did.

Firstly, I had to make sure I ate Protein 5x a day - it was engraved in my head that even if I were to cheat, I should never cheat on my Proteins. Plus, if I wanted to attain my 'toned' look down the line, I needed make sure I had my daily dose of it. Secondly, I would need to minimize my carb intake (rice, pasta, breads, cereal etc...) to practically 1/4 of what I was used to having in a day. This was difficult as it made up for practically everything I ate on a normal basis...I seldom ate proteins and solely ate carbs and sugar filled foods (don't think I actually understood these foods and their uses in the beginning - because trust me, I didn't!). And of course, eating my GREENS.

No, that didn't include my apple flavored jelly bellies or mint chocolate chip ice cream. Boo :(

All that being said, it was a challenge and I was ready for it! I needed to take a break from stuffing my face and actually being sensible in my eating habits, for once in my life!

**To make the challenge even more difficult, I started off with a carb manipulation 'diet'. Still maintaining all my Proteins, Fat-Free Dairy and Greens but alternating my carb intake throughout the week. Why I chose to do this?! I would ask myself this question countless times - It wasn't FUn but I wanted to see results and figured my body could survive since I only ever ate carbs and sugar - Note, my 'diet' was created by SuperFit, I definitely didn't come up with it on my own**

And so Week 1 began. Blah....I mean YAY! ;)

**Check out my next blog post to see how my first real 'diet' plays out and to see my first ever 'diet' Grocery List!**

*I'd like to point that I always write 'diet' the way I do because I actually dislike this word. No one ever likes to hear it because it means restrictions. I like to think of it more as eating right and making healthy choices... Rather than thinking of it as lame and NOT so 'FUn'. I've learned to embrace it, positively, and as SuperFit would say "Diet equals Progress and that's what I strive to achieve" and for me....'Diet' = A Healthier YOU :)

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