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Baby Fu's 'Yellow Brick Road'

Before I blog about my decision to compete in a 'Figure Competition', I thought I would share with you some Highs, not so Highs as well as a few FUnnies (at least I think they are worthy of a few Ha Ha's or Ewwws - which ever way you see it) through my last year in training.

This lifestyle change in my becoming of an 'athlete' would be similar to Dorothy's path on the 'Yellow Brick Road' (depending on your interpretation of course, and minus the red shoes). A road leading her in a new direction with many self-discoveries along the way.

In my journey of becoming 'FiT', my 'Yellow Brick Road' had and continues to have its twist and turns (sharp turns!), its uphills and of course, its downhills.

With that said...

There was never, for one second, a moment of ReGrEt to pursue my life in fitness!

Of course, there were times when I felt discouraged but I never expected this to be easy (you wish it could be, but where's the excitement in that?!). I enjoyed the challenges (perhaps not entirely then) and I really liked the fact I was able to go beyond what I had ever thought possible, for me. This has truly been a life changing year! A year filled with new beginnings, great friends, shared smiles, laughs and countless memories. Through the good and the not so good...

I've grown into becoming who I am today as a Healthy and Fit Baby Fu!

Like I've stated in previous posts, I've never felt better about myself and I wouldn't trade what I've achieved for anything.

Who would trade in health and happiness?! Not me! :)

Here are some of my memories of the past year I would like to share with you:

1. Guess who's Cookin'?!

As I began cooking for myself and SuperFit, I took a big interest in finding FUn recipes that were healthy and delicious. I came across a Mango/Tomato Salsa of some sort. Pretty easy I thought:

 Baby Fu Choppin' Away...
 More specifically my Fu'in Finger!
The Doctor thought I'd need Cosmetic Surgery on my Finger.
I healed surprisingly well...I thank the Protein. Seriously.

The best part of this was the fact I was quietly calling (what seemed to me like yelling) for SuperFit when the tip of my finger fell down the drain. After a good 10 minutes, SuperFit finally heard my so called 'whispers' for help. He was outside building a deck....he thought I wanted some company while cooking up a storm...He wishes ;)

 I look back on this and laugh. It wasn't FUnny then. 

2. What I won't do for a CuPcAkE!

After having completed one of my intensive 'diets', I decided to throw a CuPcAkE PaRtY (trust me, I've learned how to cheat really well!).

I was out of town, when I came across:

How could anyone resist?!

Of course, I would need to bring these back home (from one CuPcaKe LovEr to another, you'd do the same!). On the day of my departure, I went back to the bakery to pick up 6 CuPcAkEs... I left with 11. The Baker thought I was crazy as I kept increasing the number of delicious CuPcAkEs I was going to bring back with me. I wanted to share the Sugary Love! Don't worry, I just had 1 (okay 1 1/2) and I shared the extras with other CuPcAkE FaNs!

The trip back was stressful...I did everything to keep these babies safe:

 Bag 1 - They weren't safe enough in this one!
So I placed them in Bag 2 with scrunched up paper to keep them in place during the flight.
This is not SAD! lol

They went on a Fairy Ride, through Security, faced on-lookers Drooly Mouths, they endured Turbulance on the plane, and a passenger Throwing (I'm not kidding) my CuPcAkE bag on the floor to reach her coat! The flight attendant even told me she's not responsible for any damage to them (you mean you can't sue for CuPcAkE Damage?! lol)

One stressful trip later, our guests arrived with a jug of milk and we endulged in these moist, sugar-filled and ever so decadent treats:

Guilt-free :)

The stress was worth it. I'd do it again. And, again.

3. "How Low Can You Go?"

Throughout various stages of training and 'dieting', I will sometimes hit a low. That's just the reality of it all (at least for me). There are times when I feel extremely irritable, down and simply not the same ol' Baby Fu. When I go through these phases (they don't happen often, but I won't pretend like they don't!), my body says:

"Baby Fu, take a rest" (this is something that is very, VERY important to do!)

I train hard and I work hard to achieve my goals. When my body says "Slow Down!", I need to listen to it because it will result in a burn out. Sometimes, I find I am hard on myself and it's in moment like these I need to relax. I need to enjoy the path I am leading in this new fitness lifestyle of mine and there is absolutely no rush or urgency to achieve the goals I have set before me. I've already achieved beyond my wildest dreams in my journey of
"re-discoverying my physical side" and,

I have so much to be proud of! (eating right, weight training, cycling, cooking etc...)

I'm learning how to take a step back. I'm Learning how to:

BREATHE (give myself a break when needed) and appreciate what I've accomplished! (more specifically, giving myself a pat on the back - not literally!)

                                              Relax and Breathe (my Zen)

I find we are often hard on ourselves and/or pick at our imperfections, (who no one else can see but ourselves). I know, from a personal point of view,  I am sometimes a victim of my own self. There are days I don't like the way I look and/or I wish various body parts looked a certain way. With that said, I'm learning how to embrace myself because this is me. This is who I am and that will never change. I will continue working hard and I will continue my path along my 'Yellow Brick Road' :)

In the end....

We have to learn to bpatient in our progress, stay positive and congratulate our efforts!

One day at time.

4. Baby Fu as a SpIn InStRuCToR!

After my first cycling season and spinning right into the Fall 3-4 times a week, I taught my first ever SPIN CLASS!!!! The best part about this was the fact it wasn't planned. It was a result of a controlled flood, which SuperFit needed to handle, immediately! His words to me were the following:

SuperFit: "Baby Fu, you're teaching tonight's Spin Class?"
Me: "Hmmmm, O.K"
SuperFit: "Get ready it starts in 5 minutes"
Me: "O.K." (I was bursting with excitment on the inside, I swear!!!!)

I saddled up and gave my first spin class! I was scrambling to make the perfect playlist and I was a bit nervous (just a little)! Thankfully I paid attention to several intervals taught in the countless classes I had taken with SuperFit, The Masta and 007 (I don't always have *CaNdY* on the brain!), but am often distracted should they be in my presence (I get SuGaR EyEs....many people know this look now).

Back to my story....(see how easily I get sidetracked by *CaNdY* !)

As the hour was coming to a close, I was soaked and so was everybody else (PHEW!). I received great reviews (WOO HOO!). I was really happy to know I was able to give a good workout!

I had the ability the make people sweat and thirst for WATER!

Coincidentally, I taught my second class this week!!!

From thinking I'd never do a Spin Class to actually Teaching one, now that was a BIG SHOCKER!

5. DeLiCiOuS Moments!

There isn't a day I don't crave peanut butter. I have a habit of buying PB simply because it's in front of me. When they are on sale, I'll buy two. I don't know why. We have over 8 tubs of Peanut Butter at home and at the moment, I can't have any (it still won't stop me from buying it!). When I get a cheat day, there is no doubt PB will be involved. I've shown this picture before but I'm a real PB JUNKIE!

I'm not giving these away!

On my birthday, I received PB as a gift (trust me, that is sufficient enough for me!) and I endulged in many desserts:

          007 and Baby Fu (I am not spoiling my dinner with a forkful of PB!) 
                                   It's ALLLL MINE SuperFit!
                                                        *CaNdY* Eyes for
                                                       Peanut Butter M&M's
Enjoying every moment....until the last bite!
Bday Cake #2 (DQ Ice Cream Cake!)
Bday Dessert #3
I couldn't wait to take a bite b4 the picture (who could?!)
 (La Maison Chaloin - I picked a chocolate macaroon, 1 truffle and a scoop of raspberry sherbert!!!)
Following my Bday!!!
(Not really, iPhone App lol)

I did cardio 7 days straight prior to my bday so that I could enjoy all of this 100% Guilt-Free (note, my cheats are usually 1 meal not 3 days worth of cake lol). 

Sometimes, even eating rice is a treat when I'm off carbs. This photo was taken at a Vietnamese Restaurant. I was coming off of 5 days no carbs. This was Heaven!


One last photo. This was taken before the beginning of the 2011 'Diet'. I made the most of my last dessert for while:

Chocolate Mousse Cake with a side of Bananas and Grapes covered in
Toblerone Chocolate Fondue

Although I have many more stories to share, I thought I would start off with these as they seem to be the one's immediately coming to mind. All to say, this past year has been incredible and it has opened my eyes to a whole new world.

It is possible for anyone to achieve ANY level of fitness! (just go out and get it!)

This is coming from a former non-athletic person to another :)

Stay tuned for more on *CaNdY FiT*

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