Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby Fu's Spinning! (and not in circles)

During my weight training months, I decided to try something new; group cycling class

I remember beginning my cardio training and vocally stating to anyone who would suggest I try it out:

"No way! I'm happy with my elliptical! I'm not doing a spin class, ever!" (Bok Bok, I was chicken...I know!)

But at this point in my training...

I was ready for yet another FITNESS CHALLENGE!

Of course, we all know at this point I keep doing what I say I won't do so, it was time to put my fears aside and start spinning in circles! From what I heard and based on pure observation, SuperFit gave an extremely tough class....

My initial thoughts were:

1. I would fail;
2. Pass out;
3. Quit half way through; and
4. Pretty well suck at it! (But I was ready for it!)

*Others would object to my thoughts, I'm sure*

I must admit after watching people spin, I became curious about the class. It was always packed (there's often a wait list) and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, despite the intensity. Each class was sync'd to great, up-tempo music (who doesn't enjoy that!), so I decided to give it a try - because I like music of course ;) 

Perhaps this would be something I would like and, that would offer an another alternative to my weekly cardio routine. Either way, I was ready for something new, even if it would physically kill me (obviously I wasn't psyching myself out)!

The Masta, who also teaches at Florida Fitness Aylmer, and SuperFit gave me a 'calming' pep talk:

1. You'll be fine! (ya, obviously you have to say that!)
2. Just do the best you can (I don't even know what I'm in for!)
3. Adjust your resistance to your own ability (how the hell do I do that?!)
4. Suck it up Baby Fu (I seem to be doing this a lot)

**Of course, I got the 101 on how to use a spin bike (it literally took less than a minute)**

Spinning right along...

My first class would be on a Sunday morning....


I made sure to get on a bike as far back and as far off to the corner of the room as humanly possible. I didn't want to be seen (is it that obvious?). I was nervous because I had no idea what I was in for, aside from getting my A*S Kicked (and I have a mean sidekick)!

 I was saddled up and ready to get my Spin On! (yee ha!)

SuperFit made sure everyone knew the basics of his class and offered help to anyone needing a little adjustment on their bikes before he began teaching.

Giddy Up!

There I was on a spin bike, pedalling. I was following SuperFit's instructions and watching everyone else around me (to make sure I was in line with the level of difficulty). I soon learned the class was taught in such a way whereby a mixture of intervals would come into play. The intervals would go from easy to moderate to difficult to what Buzz would say, "To Infinity and Beyond!" (Please tell me you know Toy Story). It varied in pedalling speeds -  2, 3 and 4 (slow to fast). I realized I couldn't stay in the fast lane the whole class as the difficulty of each pedal stroke grew with each turn of the dial (this is what you use to control your tension on the bike). It also incorporated seated and standing intervals....

My 'caboose' wasn't ready for this! (I'm being a baby, it wasn't thaaaat bad)

This is what I felt throughout various stages of the full hour class:

  • This isn't so bad...
  • Easy, Peezy..
Interval 1, 2 and 3:
  • Full turn up?!!! My legs are going to hate me tomorrow!
  • Is it break time?
  • There's still 35 minutes left.
  • I love this song!
  • Suck it UP Baby Fu!
  • Water, water, WATER!
Interval 4 and 5:
  • I can do this!
  • I can actually do this!
  • I'm really doing this!
  • 10 minutes left! Yahoo!
Cool Down:
  • OMG, I made it!
  • This wasn't so bad after all!
  • I'm drenched...
  • I love group cycling class!
  • Sign me up for another!

** I should point out group cycling at Florida Fitness Aylmer is an important part of the gym atmosphere. It is offered 5 times a week and is taught by various instructors, whom are all cyclists. SuperFit not only specializes in Fitness but also specializes in Cycling; he is an Elite Cyclist! The classes tailor to those wanting to challenge themselves in their cardio (or mix it up), become better cyclists by training efficiently throughout the cycling off-season or become a new cyclist as a whole! Each class is a mixture of New Comers, Spin Lovers and from what I believe, Prestige Cyclists from in and around the City! It's really worth a try!** 

From this point on...

I spun 2-3 times a week and I absolutely LoVeD it! 

Soon enough...

I would find an interest in cycling (on the road!). With SuperFit being the Elite Cyclist that he is and The Masta, who is also an impressive cyclist himself, it was, without a doubt that I would eventually want to get into the sport (right?!).  To be honest, they were both shocked...I wasn't only surprising myself, but everyone else around me :) I really enjoyed this form of cardio and from mere discussions with various cyclists, I wanted to give it a try (another challenge lol)!

And I did...

Before I got my first bike, SuperFit and I went for a test drive to see if I would actually enjoy it as it would prove to be more difficult than a Spin Class. I used one of his road bikes and borrowed his cycling shoes - obviously too big but I'd be clipped in. In the first 5 minutes, I fell (in front of house)...

 Sports Injury (never thought I'd have one)
Or two...
or Three!!! (my poor finger)

After my first 25km, I died...

Out cold.

When I came back to life...

I wanted to go again! (well, in a couple of days...)

In less than a month (after my amazing first experience), I got my first road bike from The Cyclery in Ottawa. We would be assembling my bike, each part at a time. Of course, SuperFit and The Masta were there...I could only offer my help with the colour selections and my body for sizing purposes...

I have a large head, not all helmets can accommodate this PuMpKiN of mine! 

I must say, the staff at The Cyclery were extremely knowledgeable (experts), helpful and offered an atmosphere that made you feel comfortable (I didn't know Part A from Part B, but I didn't, for a second, feel like a Fu'in idiot!). The Cyclery Team, SupertFit and The Masta selected and created a gorgeous masterpiece tailored just for ME :)

 I called her The Asian Express
Fuuuu Fuuuuuuu!

My first season out with The Asian Express was amazing...including the falls (Ouch!). Just so everyone is clear, most of my falls were a result of my inability to clip and unclip my shoes from my pedals....I fell countless times and have many stories I could share (I'll save those for another time)!

Here are some photos of my first ride out with my new bike:

It's much easier looking the part ;)

Asticou Ride. 
Organized by The Masta.

Group shot
(We are a mixture of Advanced to Beginner Cyclists)

Father and Daughter :)
The Masta never thought he'd see his daughter on a bike.
Proud Moment xo

SuperFit trained me throughout the cycling season (he is an all-round amazing trainer!). By the end of the summer, I was routinely climbing to the top of the Gatineau Park (The Champlain Lookout). This is roughly a 68km ride from home and I didn't die!!! 

It was a big achievement for me and I was PROUD of myself! 

Also, during the summer months, The Masta and I became closer as a result of this shared interest in cycling. That meant a lot. He always made sure to give me helpful tips on positioning, pedal strokes and breathing (I have a tendency to hold my breath when I work hard). I remember SuperFit telling me The Masta went to the gym immediately after a Father and Daughter Ride (still in full kit), simply to tell him how amazing he thought I was doing. The Masta was proud and I was really happy to hear it!

From this point on he knew I wasn't about to quit my new lifestyle in Fitness....and as a result,

The Masta got on board The Asian Express!!! (He believed I was dedicated.  He did not literally get on my bike, although he could since we have the same bike measurements lol)

Now it was time to get talking about...

Baby Fu's Figure Competition!

Stay tuned for more on *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Hey Baby Fu,

    I think that blogging your life transformation is very commendable. Not only are you changing your own life, you are also changing the lives of others out there through inspiration. Thanks for making a positive difference to our world. That's how legends are born. :-)

    Keep turning up the volume and keep blogging it.



  2. Dear Fodome,

    Thank you ever so much for your kind words!!!

    This past year has truly been an incredible journey for me! I'm really happy to hear you're enjoying my blog and I will, of course, "keep turning up the volume"!!!

    Baby Fu :)


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