Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby Fu's 'Diet' Breakdown....

After having 'dieted' for a few weeks, I was proud of myself. Knowing I was able to control the temptation and fight the urge to break all 'dieting' rules...

I felt POWERFUL (maybe I could be Super Baby Fu alongside SuperFit....or not...Either way, I felt better than ever!)

**Note: I used to suffer from weekly migraine headaches and, I'm sorry to share this, IBS. With my new routine, 99% of it disappeared - and still to this day!**

I was the healthiest I had ever been in my life, and that was rewarding in itself. Of course there were ups and downs....many downs (not going to lie), so I needed to remind myself of my goal whenever I got discouraged (my pep talks weren't always peppy, especially on the most difficult of days, but it needed to be done to keep me motivated).

I was going to be a FIT BABY FU Damnit! 

I must say, members of Florida Fitness Aylmer never ceased to support and encourage me throughout this process (that was really, really helpful in my pursuit of becoming fit and healthy). The Masta was happy (but still weary I would quit - he had reason to be from past experiences) and Mr. FUntastic was relieved I was finally getting my lazy butt into gear (he did say I was the biggest he had ever seen!). My Mom, on the other hand, wanted me to have cake (she was proud but 'sad' I wasn't eating her baked goods, and trust me, having to say NO and sticking to that decision was challenging), but....

"No Means No"(Super Baby Fu Fighting the Sugar Urge one day at a time! Okay, I'll stop now with the Super Hero jokes)

What's important was that I was actually sticking to my exercise routine and 'diet':

Don't worry, I wasn't eating while driving!

This was for the betterment of me and I wasn't about to let everything go for Colonnade's personal size Cheesy, Thick Crust Meat Lover's Pizza with Green Olives (droooooool). I was about to start something new and exciting in this newfound chapter of my life...and that was worth much more than the Calories and the Fat (too bad we couldn't all be friends - everyday!)

**Note: I do enjoy these foods from time to time and believe me when I say every bite is that much better....It's HEAVEN! You appreciate these foods so much more when you know you've earned them:

100% Guilt-free and Yummy!

I was on a journey, ready to re-discover my physical side! (Just like SuperFit said I would)

But soon enough, I would be faced with....

My toughest challenge....

I needed to start preparing myself for my first week away from home. To add to my dislike of packing, I now had to add gym clothes (yes,I bought some!) and Protein to my suitcase (eliminating those extra pairs of shoes I was used to bringing). I also had to make time for my cardio while I was away, hoping the hotel would have something similar to my new best friend (the elliptical, of course). Needless to say, there was a lot of thinking and preparing involved in organizing myself, the first (second, third, fourth and fitfh) time.

Having said all this, it needed to get done and it was all part of the process in my transformation. I was determined and wasn't about to use 'being away' as an excuse to stop training and eating right.

Getting back to my story....

This would be my first trip away from my new routine (away from the home front that is). When I got to the hotel, I checked out the gym and thankfully, they had an elliptical. After settling myself in my room, I was happy to see a fridge (which I learned you can ask for in most hotels......and a microwave! - No, I'm not high maintenance, I swear!). I chilled my yogurt and microwaved my chicken (which I packed to last me a couple of days). This would be my home for the next FIVE days after all.

In order to stick to my routine, I made sure to:

1. Do 1hr of cardio every day (we increased my cardio time - all part of fast-tracking my weight loss);
2. Get up at 6am to get this done (Bye Bye beauty sleep);
3. Bring my own snacks with me;
4. Eat as clean as possible! (I learned to be specific in my orders).

Just look at how 'clean' I was being:

Plain and Simple

My first few days were okay. I had to adjust to waking up early (this required a lot of self-motivation) and I had to deal with hot buffets and sweets. By the fourth day, I felt my lowest. Having constantly to say NO to delicious treats all day long and ordering clean food (without being a pain about it) at the best restaurants in the city, wasn't particularly FUn (it seems when you can't have something, it's always right there, in your face, waiting for you to eat it). It was hard. Really hard.

On my last night, I broke down....

There I was, in my hotel room, just having ordered (yet another) 'clean' meal:

The Chicken was dry!

I called SuperFit (in tears). I expressed that I was working really hard to achieve my fitness goals, but felt like I was constantly being tested. Hour after hour of being away, it was a constant test and I wanted to give up. I wasn't home and I wasn't in control. I wanted to see results...NOW (and that's the issue, we can't expect everything to change immediately because we've been dieting and exercising for a short time span -  I had 7 years to work off). I had no choice but to face my most dangerous of temptations. Again, it was simply out of my control, and it certainly felt like it.

SuperFit reassured me that all my hard work would pay off and I was doing a FANTASTIC JOB . He said...

"Trust me Baby Fu, this will all pay off. You've got one more day, so keep it up!" (and I did!)

When I landed in Ottawa, SuperFit surprised me with:

What girl doesn't like flowers?! ;)

This was a perfect ending to my most difficult of weeks.

In addition to the lovely flowers, I tried on my 'skinny' jeans when I got home and they 'FIT'! What better way to start the weekend knowing all my hard work was actually paying off!

**I found the first few weeks of 'dieting' easier because it was new to me. As time went on, it became more challenging. BUT... in the end, it's YOUR CHOICE. I knew what I wanted and wasn't about to let myself down**

And so,

Getting right back into it....

I was ready for a new week. My confidence was back and I felt stronger than ever (watch out... it's Suuuuuper Baby Fu...okay that was the last time, I promise)!

SuperFit was right...

"Don't Give Up. No One Said it was Going to be Easy!"

I would eventually look back on this experience as a Milestone in my new fitness chapter. It would be one which would display the greatest dedication to myself and my well-being. One that would prove....

I have what it takes to pursue the Fitness Lifestyle!

And now...

I was ready to Pump Some Serious Iron!
(I never lifted a weight before and it would prove to be quite obvious).

We all have to start somewhere...right? :)

**I had planned on writing about my first experience 'Pumping Iron', but I didn't anticipate the length of this post. Sooooo, I will make up for it in my next blog post (and share my results of my second meeting with the skin-fold calipers), as well as sharing a couple of yummy recipes (at least I think so!)**

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