Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Resting is Okay...

The holiday season has come and gone and already we are 33 days into the New Year. A part of me cannot believe it, while the other has totally seen the days pass her by - but not mindlessly mind you.

I've been savouring each day, as much as I can.
Slowly...but surely.

This past month has been busy and my fitness routine has gone through quite the shift from the norm.

To be honest, I (was) am okay with that because I know I've been more on the tired side of things so the change in my daily rhythm was mucho needed.

I actually took an entire week off from exercising (maybe even a bit more)...without even intentionally planning on it.

I didn't freak. I didn't worry. I just knew that I needed it.

And I must say that the time off did me good because I wasn't feeling any ants whatsoever by staying in and relaxing - resting.

By acknowledging my need to rest and actually taking a breather, this made me realize that I am getting better and better when it comes to listening to my body and, essentially, to my entire being.

I don't want to push myself when I know I don't have much left in the tank - when I know that pushing through might not necessarily be the best thing for me but rather, it push me further away from refuelling on my energy and strength levels.

As we begin a new month, I know that my fitness routine will flow back into place and when it does, it will be because my batteries are fully charged, ready to power on again.


If there's a lesson that I am reminded of this early on in the year it's that...

Resting is good for the mind, the body, the soul - and that it's okay to take a break - knowing full well that you will get back at it when you're ready to :)

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*

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